Circuit Cross Connect

Circuit Cross Connect (CCC) is a simplistic protocol that can be used to connect logical layer 2 interfaces or MPLS LSPs. It can be used to creating layer 2 switching paths, connecting distant l2 logical circuits and stitching MPLS LSPs that could form part of two different TED databases.

MPLS Interface Tunnelling is used to connectivity logical PE-CE attachment circuits across an MPLS core in the same way as a l2circuit would operate. This requires bidirectional LSPs to transport the traffic. No inner labels are used for this, CCC handles the internal traffic carried within the LSP.

The following configuration enables this feature using the connections protocol. The confguration is deployed onto each remote PE. The CE facing interface is configured as the attachment circuit. The transmit and recieve LSPs are reversed at the remote PE configuration.

protocols {
     connectons {
          remote-interface-switch vpn-a {
               interface ge-0/0/0.512;
               transmit-lsp R1_to_R2;
               receive-lsp R2_to_R1;